This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions. For details, see the Distribution License.

Quick Start

This section (Introduction) will help you to understand what BRAHMS is, and why you might be interested. To get started quickly, please first view the Distribution License (GPL), and then move on to the User Guide. Turn to the Reference Manual as you get the idea and want more information. You will be linked to the section on SystemML as required.


  • Documentation Revision 2662.
  • Compiled 09 Jan 2012.
  • Accompanies BRAHMS Version 0.7.4.


This is the documentation for the BRAHMS Software Suite. If you are viewing it online (at SourceForge), you are looking at the latest documentation available. If you are viewing it offline, you can view or download the latest version by clicking on one of the links below.

Online Documentation Links

The online documentation is identical to the offline, except that the online version offers Google search. If you do use the offline documentation, you should check back now and then, since the documentation may be updated fairly frequently - updates will cause the "Revision" number, above, to change.


At the bottom of each documentation page is a link to advise the developers if there is a problem with the page. Sending a message like this is the quickest way to get the documentation fixed. If the problem is holding you up, please ask for immediate help, and we will try and reply to your message as soon as possible with advice.