BRAHMS and its documentation are primarily the work of Ben Mitch, and have been influenced by discussions within the Integration Working Group (Gurney, Prescott, Chambers, Humphries, Chan, Fox) and with Martin Pearson. Substantive contributions and improvements have been made by Tak-Shing Chan. You can find all of these people at the ABRG, except Pearson who is at BRL.

Beta Testers

Many at the ABRG, and a few besides, have helped in testing releases. Particular thanks are due to Martin Pearson (BRL) and Alex Cope (ABRG), also Jon Chambers (ABRG), who have each invested a lot of time and shown great patience testing releases in varied environments. Feedback from these testers has been key to the development process. Ashvin Shah has been learning how to BRAHMS in 2010, and helped to improve the documentation along the way.

Third-party Inclusions

The following third-party source code is included in the BRAHMS distribution.

  • RNG_MT2000 was originally written by George Marsaglia and Wai Wan Tsang in 2000 and published in The Journal of Statistical Software, 5(8).
  • Gauge.c was written by Edward A. Falk in 1997 and published as part of XEmacs.
  • wxWidgets is beginning to be used for cross-platform GUI support; future releases will probably rely on this more heavily.

The following third-party binaries must be installed alongside BRAHMS (this is included in BRAHMS distribution for platforms that do not have this installed already by default).

  • The BRAHMS communications layers use zlib for inter-voice compression.