• Future development plans include (please make your own suggestions):
    • we need a gain block
    • some kind of "operation" block either completely general or choosing from a list, relational operations
    • see simulink's standard blocks for more ideas
    • a comprehensive signal generator, prob combining all simulink's offerings into one block
    • manipulate blocks: permute, slice (contiguous indexing operation), map (non-contiguous...), cat, repmat (as it were), etc. - see Matlab for more ideas
    • bring the FIFO block into the std
    • GUI feedback modules - i've developed from alex's original idea a probe/image block, which will appear in a future release. need a similar probe/scope block to do what a scope does. a similar unit for keeping an eye on spikes buses will be easy, and will look great. can even make it give audio feedback, and allow probing of different channels on the bus. sweet :)


These are components under development for possible inclusion in the Standard Library. Please do try them out, and send on any comments.

  • These components are under development - this means that their interface may change in future (and their class name definitely will). You should be aware that you will have to make changes to any scripts where you use them to run against a future BRAHMS release. They are provided for testing purposes only.