Find this tutorial at SYSTEMML_INSTALL_PATH/BRAHMS/support/example/995. It will run in Matlab (1258) or Python (1262), depending on the argument you pass to the script brainandhead.m. This documentation is based on the Matlab version, but should apply equally well to the Python version.

Brain And Head illustrates designing your own BRAHMS processes in non-native code, and shows how to knit them together into a computable system. The script that executes this tutorial is brainandhead.m, which should run out of the box. This page will take you through the process of developing this example.

You will use a few new tricks here that you didn't need in Rabbits And Foxes, and you will use the std/data/spikes data type as well as the numeric type you used before. Excited? I know I am.


I should really write something here. In the meantime, you can still have a look at the example and figure out for yourself how it works.

Open and examine the Matlab files that make up this example. Specifically, brainandhead.m, and the two instances of brahms_process.m appearing under the installed Namespace (SYSTEMML_INSTALL_PATH/Namespace) at client/brahms/example/1258/brain and at client/brahms/example/1258/head.