C Source Code (against 1266)
// at top of your file #include "brahms-1266.h" // no need, done by the binding // #include "brahms-component.h" // your content here ... // at bottom of your file #include "brahms-1266.h"

Provides C language bindings for the Component Interface. This one, "1266", is the current C binding and should be used for all new C components. There is almost no content at all in 1266 - see the include file - but future C bindings may provide additional functionality.

  • You should not include the Component Interface directly, so as to take advantage of any fixes applied in future.


As with all the bindings, you should create a new Process for this binding using the BRAHMS Manager, which will be based on the template.


  • This interface is effectively the native Component Interface so there is no associated overhead.