C API (Component Interface)
struct ComponentTime { struct SampleRate baseSampleRate; BaseSamples executionStop; struct SampleRate sampleRate; BaseSamples samplePeriod; BaseSamples now; };

For general information about timing, see Timing.


struct SampleRate baseSampleRate
The Base Sample Rate of the execution in Hz.
BaseSamples executionStop
The Execution Stop Time in Base Samples.
struct SampleRate sampleRate
The sample rate of the component in Hz.
BaseSamples samplePeriod
The sample period of the component in Base Samples (this value could be obtained by comparison of sampleRate with baseSampleRate).
BaseSamples now
The current time for this component in Base Samples. During run phase, this is the last write time (for a data object) or the current interface service time (for a process). Outside of run phase, this value is undefined.