Component Interface events are non-contract; that is, they may fail and return an error code, so the caller must check the return code. More succinct code is achieved in C++ by offering "contract" functions, that either succeed or raise an exception. Contract wrapper functions are provided for some Component Interface events in the binding. In addition, they may be much less verbose than the equivalent code to fire the event.


These are "contract" functions; that is, they either succeed or raise an exception.

const char* getSymbolString(Symbol symbol)
const char* getTypeString(TYPE type)
Contract wrapper for ENGINE_EVENT_GET_TYPE_STRING.
VUINT32 getRandomSeed(UINT32 count = 0)
Contract wrapper for ENGINE_EVENT_GET_RANDOM_SEED. If count is zero, a seed of unspecified length is returned (at least one element). If count is non-zero, a seed of the specified length is returned.
void stillActive()
Send the signal C_STILL_ACTIVE to the framework.
std::string getParameterString(const char* key), std::string getParameterString(Symbol hComponent, const char* key)
Contract wrapper for ENGINE_EVENT_GET_PARAMETER_STRING. The first form can be used within your component; the latter form must be used in static functions.