C API (Component Interface)
struct EventGetPortInfo { UINT32 flags; Symbol hPort; const char* name; const struct ComponentInfo* componentInfo; };

Get information about a Port on a Set on the input or output interface of a Process.


UINT32 flags IN
None defined (must be zero).
Symbol hPort IN
A handle to the Port for which the information is to be retrieved.
const char* name OUT
The name of the Port.
const ComponentInfo* componentInfo OUT
The component information structure.

Return Values

See also SystemML Interface Return Values.


(Output Ports only) If set, the Port is listened. If unset, the Port is not listened, and the Process need not bother writing to it. Note that in the latter case, the Process is free to entirely skip any computations that are only required to write this output. This flag may be set between calls to EVENT_INIT_CONNECT, or before EVENT_INIT_POSTCONNECT. Therefore, if you want its value, you should check it at EVENT_INIT_POSTCONNECT.
(Input Ports only) If set, the name retrieved for the Port is implicit - that is, it was the name of the output Port to which this input Port is connected, rather than having been specified in the Link.


Taken from std/data/numeric.

C++ Source Code (against 1199)
const char* getName() { EventGetPortInfo info; info.hPort = hPort; info.flags = 0; info.name = NULL; info.componentInfo = NULL; EngineEvent event; event.hCaller = hComponent; event.flags = 0; event.type = ENGINE_EVENT_GET_PORT_INFO; event.data = (void*) &info; Symbol result = brahms_engineEvent(&event); if (S_ERROR(result)) throw result; return info.name; }