C API (Component Interface)
struct EventGetSetInfo { UINT32 flags; Symbol hSet; const char* name; UINT32 portCount; };

Get information about a Set on the input or output interface of a Process.


UINT32 flags IN
None defined (must be zero).
Symbol hSet IN
A handle to the Set for which the information is to be retrieved.
const char* name OUT
The name of the Set.
UINT32 portCount OUT
The number of Ports on the Set.

Return Values

See also SystemML Interface Return Values.


Taken from 1199.

C Source Code (against Component Interface)
UINT32 getNumberOfPorts(Symbol hSet) { EventGetSetInfo info; info.hSet = hSet; info.flags = 0; info.name = NULL; info.portCount = 0; EngineEvent event; event.hCaller = hObject; event.flags = 0; event.type = ENGINE_EVENT_GET_SET_INFO; event.data = (void*) &info; Symbol result = brahms::brahms_engineEvent(&event); if (S_ERROR(result)) throw result; return info.portCount; }