C API (Component Interface)
struct EventOutputMessage { UINT32 flags; DetailLevel level; const char* msg; };

Send an output message to the user via the Structured Log. level specifies under what conditions the message should actually be displayed.

Contract Wrappers



UINT32 flags IN
None defined (must be zero).
DetailLevel level IN
The detail level of the message.
const char* msg IN
The message to display.

Return Values

See also General Interface Return Values.


  • The passed string may receive additional formatting, and then be displayed to the user, if the user has requested display of messages at this level of detail.


Taken (modified for clarity) from 1199.

C Source Code (against Component Interface)
void outputMessage(const char* msg, EnumDetailLevel level) { EventOutputMessage data; data.flags = 0; data.level = level; data.msg = msg; EngineEvent event; event.hCaller = hComponent; event.flags = 0; event.type = ENGINE_EVENT_OUTPUT_MESSAGE; event.data = &data; Symbol result = brahms_engineEvent(&event); if (S_ERROR(result)) throw result; }