C API (Component Interface)
struct EventContent { UINT8* stream; UINT64 bytes; };

The process should set its content from the passed stream. This stream will have been written by a component of the same class and release during a call to EVENT_CONTENT_GET.


UINT8* stream IN
Where the object will find a pointer to its new content.
UINT64 bytes IN
Where the object will find the length in bytes of its new content.


  • Read content as a binary stream, and use it to set the component content.


C++ Source Code (against 1199)
// extract data EventContent* ec = (EventContent*)event->data; // data object with inconstant size myState.resize(ec->bytes / sizeof(MYSTATE_DATA_TYPE)); memcpy(&myState[0], ec->stream, ec->bytes); // data object with constant size memcpy(&myState[0], ec->stream, ec->bytes);