C API (Component Interface)
struct EventFunctionGet { const char* name; UINT32 handle; UINT32 argumentModifyCount; };

Called on a Utility component to request a generic interface to a utility function it offers. The component should either return an interface, or raise an error if it does not offer the requested function. The caller can use the returned interface to call the function through EVENT_FUNCTION_CALL.


const char* name IN
The name of the function to retrieve an interface to.
UINT32 handle OUT
A handle that the caller will later use to call back to EVENT_FUNCTION_CALL.
UINT32 argumentModifyCount OUT
The number of arguments that the function will modify (more may be expected, but they will not be modified).


  • Resolve the request to an interface:
    • Set handle to a private event handle as defined by the utility.
    • Set argumentModifyCount to the number of arguments this function will modify.

Return codes


C++ Source Code (against 1199)
// TODO // ok return C_OK;