C API (Component Interface)
struct EventGenericStructure { const char* structure; TYPE type; };

The Data should set structure to the data object's structure in the form of a text string. The format of the text string is specified entirely by the Data component, since the string will only be interpreted by another component of the same class and release, and by client processes. Search for "Generic Interface" on the pages for std/data/numeric or std/data/spikes for details of the format each uses.


const char* structure OUT
The object structure string.
TYPE type IN
If one of the TYPE_CPXFMT_MASK flags is set here, the complex format should not be included in the returned string. If one of the TYPE_ORDER_MASK flags is set here, the array order should not be included in the returned string.


  • Set structure to point to a text string that fully specifies the Data structure, save for structure features indicated by flags in type.


C++ Source Code (against 1199)
// TODO // ok return C_OK;