C API (Component Interface)
struct EventLog { UINT32 flags; INT32 precision; const char* filename; UINT64 count; void* source; Symbol result; };

This event is a request from the system telling a component that it should return its prepared log as an XML node. A Component receiving this event will have already received EVENT_LOG_INIT; a Data object receiving this event will have received EVENT_LOG_SERVICE (zero or more times).


This event is fired once during termination, but only on components that are logging.


Other fields are described in EVENT_LOG_INIT.

UINT64 count IN
The number of calls this object received previously to EVENT_LOG_SERVICE.
Symbol result OUT
The component should return the result in this field.


  • Add a footer to the log, if necessary.
  • Return the contents of the log as an XML node in result.


See the source code for std/2009/data/numeric.