This event offers the process the chance to perform any initialisation that must occur as soon as possible (in the wallclock sense) before beginning a bout of processing. This same event is sent sequentially to all processes in the same run-thread (and not forgetting that other processes in other run-threads may be competing for the same resources). Therefore, the process should do the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of processing whilst servicing this event: the longer the process takes, the less true to specification this event is for affected processes. Correspondingly, the process cannot absolutely assume that this event will occur immediately prior to a bout of processing, but it is the closest thing it will get to that.

Expensive initialisation processing that must be performed in the run-phase environment should be performed during EVENT_RUN_PLAY.


This event is fired once every time the system is moved into stepping mode, which may be more than once per instantiation.


  • Perform any initialisation that must be performed as near to run-phase as possible. For instance, start wallclock or hardware timers.


C++ Source Code (against 1199)
case EVENT_RUN_RESUME: { myHardwareTimer.start(); // ok return C_OK; }