The simplest system is an empty system. Executing such a System in BRAHMS will work, but won't do anything interesting.




This example, along with the others in this section, can be found in the script developing_systems.m in the support/tutorial/system/matlab folder.

M Source Code (against 995)
% section header disp([10 '=== Empty System ===' 10]) % construct an empty system sys = sml_system; % construct a default execution exe = brahms_execution; % view the empty system and % the default execution sys exe % execute the system out = brahms(sys, exe); % view the system outputs out

Expected Output

Matlab Console
=== Empty System === -------------------------------- SystemML System -------------------------------- ['untitled'] -------------------------------- -------------------------------- BRAHMS execution object -------------------------------- Name: (not set) Title: (not set) Precision: 6 Window: (not set) Encapsulate All: false Log All: false Seed: (not set) Addresses: Affinity: (not set) Execution Stop: 0 Working Directory: (not set) Launch Line: brahms ((MATLAB)) ((EXECFILE)) ((ARGS)) System File (In): unnamed-sys.xml System File (Out): (not set) Execution File: unnamed-exe.xml -------------------------------- out = 1x1 struct array with no fields.