Your Process may require a large amount of initialisation data, or produce a large amount of output data during the whole execution. By default, these data may be exchanged via binary files linked into the System File. This tends to maximize performance, but if you intend to distribute your System (e.g. if you are going to publish it), you may prefer to encapsulate all the data into the System File. Since these files are text-based, the translation to and from these files can slow down your development cycle substantially, so it is recommended you use encapsulation only for final publications.

Turning on encapsulation

You can request that an individual output be logged by using the following syntax (in Matlab):

M Source Code (against 995)
exe = brahms_execution; exe = exe.log('process>output');

To require that the logged data be returned encapsulated, use:

M Source Code (against 995)
exe = brahms_execution; exe = exe.log('process>output', 'encapsulated');

However, it is probably more useful to just turn on encapsulation for the whole execution, on input and output data:

M Source Code (against 995)
exe = brahms_execution; exe.encapsulated = true;