C++ API (1065)
struct EventFunction { union { // when getting function (EVENT_GET_FUNCTION) struct { const char* name; UINT16 eventType; UINT16 outputArgumentCount; }; // when calling function (EVENT_CALL_FUNCTION) struct { std::vector<Argument>* args; UINT16 offendingArgument; }; }; };

The structure is used with the (legacy) event EVENT_GET_FUNCTION. See Event1065.


const char* name IN
Name of function that is sought.
UINT16 eventType OUT
Event code returned by the utility component which should be used in future to call the requested function.
UINT16 outputArgumentCount OUT
Number of arguments that the requested function will expect when called.
std::vector<Argument> * args IN
Arguments to the function.
UINT16 offendingArgument OUT
When one of the arguments to the function is invalid the utility function should set this field to indicate which one.