C API (Component Interface)
struct ExecutionInfo { Symbol hEngine; UINT32 revisionEngine; };

The execution information structure holds information about the engine and the execution, and is passed to the module during EVENT_MODULE_INIT.


Symbol hEngine
This is a handle to the engine that loaded this instance of this module. This can be used as hCaller when calling engine events (if an hComponent is not available).
UINT32 revisionEngine
This is the revision number of the run-time engine, i.e. the engine that is currently loaded. This implies the revision number of the offered Component Interface, which is defined as equal to the revision number of the engine with which it is released.

Interface Revision

Periodically, the Component Interface may be extended, adding more fields to structures that are passed between the component and the framework. New components/engines can read/write these fields, but old ones cannot. The management of this interface revision process is described in detail on the page Module Events.