This page is a description of where the major things are installed in a BRAHMS installation.

General Layout

The BRAHMS installation lives under the path that is set in the environment variable SYSTEMML_INSTALL_PATH. This environment variable is either set during installation, or set manually before performing a build-from-source. Below, we list the folders you will find under this path, and what they contain.

The root installation folder for all SystemML software. May contain some text files with fascinating general information in them.
The BRAHMS installation folder. Contains the GPL LICENSE file, and the installation-level Execution Parameters file.
Binary files for the Engine, Clients, and supplementary modules (e.g. Communications Modules). Also the platform-specific shell script for invoking BRAHMS from the shell prompt.
Include files for the Component Interface, Client Interface, and compiled (C/C++) Language Bindings (1065, 1199, 1266).
Support software and documentation - explore here if you are a new user to see what's available.
Files associated with non-native languages.
Matlab Component Bindings (1258).
Python Component Bindings (1262).
Matlab Invocation Bindings (995).
The installation Namespace root folder. Under this path is where the components that are installed with BRAHMS reside. You should not put your own components here, but in a separate User Namespace. To add and point BRAHMS at a User Namespace, see the BRAHMS Manager.