Your Process may generate a large amount of data during the whole execution, and logging data can be slow. If you do not need the output at maximum precision, you can reduce the amount of output produced substantially. The brahms_execution object has a default precision of 6 (usually, significant figures). To set the precision to maximum (hide no information), use the value of [] (the empty matrix). Note that this will generally increase the amount of data produced.

  • Varying the precision will only have impact if you are logging in encapsulated mode. Switching to unencapsulated mode will, generally, give you a much greater increase in speed.

Changing the logging precision

You can request that an individual output be logged by using the following syntax (in Matlab):

M Source Code (against 995)
exe = brahms_execution; exe = exe.log('process>output');

To have the logging performed at non-default precision, use this syntax:

M Source Code (against 995)
exe = brahms_execution; exe = exe.log('process>output', {'precision', P});

where the interpretation of the integer non-negative scalar P is dependent on the Data class doing the logging (for numeric array, P is interpreted as significant figures).

To change precision for all outputs (that do not specify their own precision), use:

M Source Code (against 995)
exe = brahms_execution; exe.precision = P;