Process Information

The Module is required to return certain information about the Process to the framework when called with EVENT_MODULE_INIT. The BRAHMS Manager will set this information for you, to some extent, when you create a New Process. You might want to modify this information as you develop your process, but you needn't make any changes now.

  • It is important to understand Process flags - the template sets F_NOT_RATE_CHANGER, which is appropriate to start with, but you should familiarise yourself with the available flags.

Modifying Component Information

The Component Information is specified by making changes to under EVENT_MODULE_INIT.

Items you should not change
(First Entry) The SystemML release number. Currently, this should be "0".

Items you may want to change
(Second Entry) The revision number is for internal use only, and isn't used by BRAHMS or by SystemML. You can set it to whatever you like. It is returned when the Component is queried during brahms --Walk, and may be of use in version control of your Process.
Additional information, not used by BRAHMS, can be entered here. The string is a list of entries, with each entry having the form key=value\n (key equals value newline). Author and contact information should be included, at least, using the keys "Author" and "URL" or "Email".
Choose and set your component flags here. Note the syntax for setting multiple flags would be = bitor(F_XXX, F_YYY).