This section will help you to get up and running quickly with BRAHMS. If you know what you are doing, pretty much, you can just follow the procedure below. If you need more information, go through the page for each step. If you need even more information, try the Advanced Install section.


1) Install BRAHMS

  • Download and run the self-installer for your platform.
  • Confirm operation by entering brahms at the shell prompt.

See Install BRAHMS for more details.

Install in Matlab...

  • Add the path below to your Matlab path.
Text File

See Install in Matlab for more details.

...or Octave

As for Matlab, but use the command below to set your WorkingDirectory (BRAHMS Manager is not currently available in Octave).

Octave Console
brahms_utils SetExecutionParameter user WorkingDirectory ...
  • Version 3.2 or above of Octave is required (for object-oriented support).

Install a compiler

If you've already a C++ compiler installed, or if you intend to only author in interpreted languages, that's everything (otherwise, install one). Then, head over to Developing Systems to get started.

See Install a compiler for more details.