• The current Standard Library is made available under the branch std/2009 - class names are given in the docs without the year stamp, since new releases of the library will replace, rather than augment, older releases (though old releases will continue to be available).

Data components

std/data/numeric (numeric array)

std/data/spikes (spikes list)

Utility components

std/util/rng (random number generator)

Process components

Explicit sources

std/source/numeric (Source of explicitly-specified numeric data)

std/source/spikes (Source of explicitly-specified spikes data)

Random sources

std/random/numeric (Source of random numeric data)

std/random/spikes (Source of random spikes data)


Use these processes to link together processes running at different sample rates.

std/resample/numeric (Resample numeric data)

std/resample/spikes (Resample spikes data)


std/math/eproduct (Element-wise product)

std/math/esum (Element-wise sum)