What is this section?

This section is a snapshot of the documentation for the SystemML project. The SystemML project is independent of the BRAHMS project, but the two are closely linked. SystemML is the file format that BRAHMS uses to represent systems for computation. As such, designing systems for BRAHMS is easier with a working knowledge of SystemML. However, you will typically use the SystemML Matlab Bindings to interact with SystemML documents, so you may never realise you're even using it.


The project consists of:

What is SystemML?

  • A file format for the exchange of computable mathematical systems between tools and researchers.
    • SystemML is a specification for a file format that represents computable systems, thus, an interface that allows execution tools, design tools and analysis tools (etc.) to talk about systems in a common language.
  • An infrastructure to facilitate that sharing.
    • SystemML is an infrastructure complementary (and orthogonal) to database services such as ModelDB, to computation engines such as GENESIS, and to representations of specific model types such as NeuroML. It offers
      • Separation of parameters, algorithm, and implementation.
      • Sharing (effortless distribution) of your work at all of these levels.
      • Implementation revision control.

What's here?

In this section you will find the following.

Introduction to SystemML
What is SystemML, how does it help with The Integration Problem, and why, therefore, might you be interested?
SystemML Infrastructure Reference
The SystemML File Format and the SystemML Namespace.
SystemML Toolbox Reference
Reference documentation for the SystemML Toolbox, which offers tools for working with the SystemML Infrastructure.


This project, and the underlying technology on which it is based, is primarily the work of Ben Mitch and Jon Chambers, and has been influenced by discussions in the Integration Working Group (Gurney, Prescott, Humphries, Chan) at the Adaptive Behaviour Research Group.