The System tutorials are designed to review what is explained in this section of the User Guide, using real-world-esque examples. Each tutorial script builds and executes a simple BRAHMS System. The scripts are designed to be walked through using the comments in the scripts themselves, so there is no further information in the documentation. If you can work through the tutorials successfully, you are probably done with this section of the User Guide (though see Advanced Topics).

Tutorial scripts

Find the tutorial scripts at SYSTEMML_INSTALL_PATH/BRAHMS/support/tutorial/system/995/tutorial_*.m. Navigate there at the Matlab prompt to run them, or add the folder to your Matlab path.


In addition, you will find many simple examples in the BRAHMS test script, brahms_test, included at SYSTEMML_INSTALL_PATH/BRAHMS/bindings/invocation/995. This script is designed for testing aspects of the framework and of your installation, but it doubles as additional tutorial material.