brahms is a Matlab function that offers BRAHMS as a matlab-standard function call. That is, you pass in the execution instructions, and the function returns (after BRAHMS has executed) with the execution results.


This form (no arguments) will report the status of your BRAHMS installation.
[out, report] = brahms(system, execution, ...)
This form (first argument an sml_system, second argument a brahms_execution) will prepare a call to BRAHMS and, if any output arguments are requested, invoke BRAHMS, parse the output, and return the results. If report is also requested, it will return the Execution Report in addition. If the invocation is not made (if no output arguments were requested), the command line that would have been executed is reported - this may be useful if you want to run BRAHMS through a debugger. Additional (string) arguments are appended to the BRAHMS command line (pass command-line options here).
brahms(<string>, ...)
This form (first argument any string) will call the BRAHMS wrapper script passing all arguments to it directly. All arguments must be strings.


M Source Code (against 995)
% construct SystemML system sys = sml_system('My System'); ... % and command parameters exe = brahms_execution; ... % invoke BRAHMS on the finished system out = brahms(sys, exe);