SystemML Class
Indexes into numeric data, reducing the size of the data stream.
Under development - interface likely to change


  • This component is under development - this means that its interface may change in future (and its class name definitely will). You should be aware that you will have to make changes to any scripts where you use it to run against a future BRAHMS release.

Indexes into a single std/data/numeric input stream along each dimension, reducing the size of the stream (unless all indices are selected, in which case the process has no effect).


  • 1 input, the D-dimensional source stream.
  • 1 output, the indexed stream.


This Process stores its State in DataML.

index (CELL 1xD)
Indexes to use for each of D dimensions in the input stream (must, therefore, have D entries). Each entry can be any of the following: (a) 1xN list of one-based indices (repeated values may be used) with N zero or greater; (b) a scalar in a sub-cell (e.g. {... {[3]} ...}) in which case only that index is retained in that dimension and the dimension itself is squeezed out of the output stream; (c) a single character ":" in which case the stream is not reduced in that dimension.


See brahms_test index.