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13th Jan 2012
Version 0.7.4 is repacked, to fix a silly bug.
9th Jan 2012
Version 0.7.4 is released. Yay!
8th Sep 2011
No news for a little while, mainly because everything seems to be working just fine ;).
8th Apr 2011
Version 0.7.4 is in preparation
17th Apr 2010
The GUI interface is now under development
25th Jan 2010
Version 0.7.3 is now released.
6th Nov 2009
Version 0.7.3 is in preparation
4th Jul 2009
Version 0.7.2 is now released, along with documentation.
10th Apr 2009
Version 0.7.2 and accompanying documentation - first Release Candidate (RC1) has been released internally.
5th Nov 2008
Version 0.7.1 is now released at SourceForge. Documentation Version 0.7.1 is now released, also at SourceForge.
27th Oct 2008
Version 0.7.1 and accompanying documentation - first Release Candidate (RC1).
3rd Oct 2008
Version 0.7.0 is now released at SourceForge.
29th Sep 2008
Given up on MPI, since it seems configuration problems with our local system were the problem - this has been removed from the package, and will instead appear in a later release. Version 0.7.0 is now ready for release. It will be built and released this week, just finding time to build it on each platform.
26th Aug 2008
Ongoing problems with MPI have delayed the release. Version 0.7.0 RC3 is now undergoing testing internally.
17th Jul 2008
Version 0.7.0 RC1 has been released internally and is undergoing testing. We expect to make a public release around the end of the month.
24th Jun 2008
All major issues have been resolved in advance of the next BRAHMS release, which will be version 0.7.0, our first branch. This branch is expected to serve the ICEA, REVERB and BIOTACT projects to term (i.e. until Dec 31 2011). It is currently expected to make an appearance mid-July.
10th Mar 2008
Beta-2 has now been released for Windows 32-bit and Linux 64-bit and 32-bit. Hop over to [|SourceForge].
6th Mar 2008
Docs have reached more or less completion - missing pieces will now be added largely on demand, so sing out if you find something lacking or incomplete. Beta-2 RC1 is in the ether, the formal release will now probably arrive on Monday.
25th Feb 2008
Like any good construction organisation, we're pushing back the schedule again. Owing to circumstances beyond our control (heavy snow fall in the French Alps) I won't be able to work on the documentation this week. I'm therefore rescheduling the Beta-2/Docs release for March 6. However, I've made massive progress - if you review the docs, you'll see they're looking pretty firm in many places now.
8th Feb 2008
We've committed loosely to a release timetable for the remainder of ICEA. Beta-2 will come end of feb to coincide with completion of the documentation, including bugfixes over Beta-1. Beta-3 will follow in M30 (June) including fixes for Beta-2.
25th Jan 2008
15 or so bugs came up in beta 1 and they've mostly been stamped. We intend to release beta-2 (bugfix) shortly.
Jan 2008
Documentation is undergoing overhaul following the Beta release, to bring it up-to-date.
Nov 2007
Beta-1 has now been released for Windows 32-bit and Linux 64-bit (32-bit Linux build to follow). Hop over to [|SourceForge].