Before reporting a bug, please ensure that you have read the FAQ, and Known Issues. To report a bug in BRAHMS, please send a message to the developers, including the material described below. You should also contact us if you have noticed a shortcoming/innaccuracy of the documentation, or you want to suggest a change or feature that would be useful to you. Click here to send an email to the developers.

What to include in a bug report

Configuration Report

Please always include a configuration report, generated by calling brahms_utils pcr in Matlab (unless BRAHMS does not operate under Matlab, in which please include all version information you can, including the output of brahms --version at the shell prompt). The report can be included in the email, or attached as a text file.

Repeatable Bugs

If a bug is pretty obviously repeatable ("If you set X to Y, you get Z when you execute") the only other thing you need include is a description of X, Y and Z.

Difficult Bugs

Please include the following items in a fuller bug report if the above proves, or seems, insufficient.

  • All files necessary to reproduce the bug, in a zip file or similar. These will include the following.
    • Your system, either as a Matlab script or the System File.
    • Your execution, either as a Matlab script or the Execution File.
    • Any non-standard components used in the system (that is, any components not supplied with BRAHMS).
    • Where possible, a --loglvl-x level debug report of an execution where the problem occurred.